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Correspondence received (Sept. 2019):

'You don't seem to appreciate fully the impact of the preparations on your participants' lives (in a positive way) or the lack of support out there for us (e.g. my own experience of suffering since childhood, two GPs who denied that oral acyclovir could even be a treatment option and a third who, although did write the prescription, used the same phrase as the oral/maxillofacial consultant he referred me to: "You know much more about this than I do"). I await another referral to another medical professional, although your trial preparation has given me more relief of symptoms and hope than anything else in the last 40-odd years. I know I'm far from the worst-affected.'

Target Nutra is currently testing experimental preparations to alleviate herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections and prevent recurrences. The preparations are topical, that is, applied to the skin. Novel formulation techniques are used which aim to greatly increase the antiviral potency of relatively commonplace ingredients.

These are informal trials, not official ones. Officially the preparations are "homemade concoctions" or "herbal remedies" using ingredients which routinely appear in food, cosmetics etc.

The nature of the trials may be that they only achieve preliminary results but, besides theoretical research into viral mechanisms, this practical approach seems to be more than anyone else is doing about the common problem of recurrent HSV infection.

The 'Hopeful Trials' have been running since January 2017. Many positive reports have been received but these should not be advertised so as not to influence future reports. To qualify for participation, people need to have frequent outbreaks and be in the UK.

More information is available elsewhere on this site. Please see the bottom of the Trials page for Cautions, Disclaimer etc.