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Current HSV Trials

The Hopeful Trials are trials of new preparations intended to alleviate HSV infections and prevent recurrences. The trials have been running since January 2017.


HSV Trials FAQ

Preparations and Dosage Regimens

Hopeful Trials Entry Requirements (Feb. 2020)

Volunteers are invited for trials of the HB series. These trials are suitable for those with frequent outbreaks (who are also in greatest need of effective treatment).

To obtain valid results, participation has to be limited to:

  • Upper body (esp. labial) "cold sore" sufferers when symptoms are external (both sexes);
  • Lower body (esp. genital) herpes sufferers (any male and females for whom the affected areas are external or easily accessible);
  • No complications may exist, such as a simultaneous infection or condition at the same site;
  • Participants must have white skin;
  • Participants must fully understand English;
  • Participants must be resident in the UK.

In short, the symptoms and any improvement obtained must be visible.

If you meet the above criteria, please consider participating. The materials are provided free but you must report on the preparation's effectiveness. Based on the data received so far, real progress has already been made. If there is a breakthrough you will be the first to know!

Reports should be made at the beginning and end of each outbreak, otherwise about once per month. Please also report if you get prodromal symptoms (e.g. tingling) but no outbreak. If you agree to make reports, you are invited to register using this link:

or register

Current Trials Progress (23/3/20)

Preliminary results are not given so as not to influence participants' reports. The sample group size N below should be at least 30 for every parameter.

Tolerance N: 36
Summary N: 33
Pain relief N: 33

Tolerance N: 35
Summary N: 29
Pain relief N: 32

Tolerance N: 41
Summary N: 41
Pain relief N: 34

Tolerance N: 34
Summary N: 33
Pain relief N: 34

Tolerance N: 43
Summary N: 39
Pain relief N: 31

Tolerance N: 12
Summary N: 11
Pain relief N: 9

Cautions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Image(s) are a representation only. The formulations use ingredients which are widely recognised as safe and have already been tested on normal skin; these trials are tests of effectiveness. Nevertheless, there will always be a small number of individuals who are allergic to, or intolerant of, a particular ingredient. It is wise to test the preparation on the arm or leg first. Please study the directions provided. Topical application (i.e. application to the skin) is inherently safer than other methods, by a wide margin, but by using a Target preparation you acknowledge that it is impossible to avoid all risk.

Personal information will not be shared with any third party except with the explicit consent of the participant. When and if data is published, all identifying data will be removed. Participants will be assigned a number and when the trials reach their conclusion all personal information will be deleted.