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Describing HSV Symptoms

The sole purpose of participants' reports is to convey how effective the test preparation is and how often it is being used. However many describe their symptoms. A guide is provided so that when doing so, the correct terminology can be used.

Caveats: HSV infections are highly variable and other skin conditions can present similarly. This should not be regarded as a definitive guide. The images below are a mixture of (cropped) pictures sent by participants and other images shamelessly purloined from around the web.

An outbreak or episode can include one or more of the symptoms shown below, and can last 5-14 days. An outbreak classically follows these stages:

  1. Prodrome (not detected half the time)
  2. Inflammation and/or swelling
  3. Vesicles
  4. Ulceration (e.g. blisters) or lesions
  5. Crusting, encrustation
  6. Healing

A Short Pictoral Guide

Vesicles (tiny blisters)

Vesicles mostly developed into blisters, surrounded by inflammation

An open sore

A sore as it commonly appears


A typical grouping of vesicles surrounded by rash

Typical oro-labial symptoms

Near the eye

Herpetic whitlow

In the armpit

On the buttock

Crusted sores on the shin

On the palm of the hand

That's enough!