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About Target HF2C

Obtaining HF2

Target HF2C is an enhanced herbal remedy for HSV infections. HF2C (the latest of the HF2 series) can now be purchased from:

Quality Health Foods (
3 Westminster Arcade
Parliament St.
N. Yorkshire HG1 2RN (Tel. 01423 541154)

It can be ordered over the phone. HF2C is typically applied 2-4x daily from the earliest symptoms of viral activity, or used once daily to prevent outbreaks. More information about HF2C is below.

HF2C Information and Results

HF2C should be applied as early as possible during an outbreak. The quantity provided is small but a little HF2C goes a long way. For sporadic outbreaks, say two a year, the bottle could last several years. If you suffer from frequent outbreaks (i.e. only a few weeks between them) please see the trial invitation.

To prevent an outbreak, particularly useful if there is an important event coming up, HF2C can be applied once daily for a few days beforehand.

HF2C contains a little under 10% Melissa officinalis concentrate (the herb commonly known as Lemon Balm). All the other ingredients can be found in cosmetic products and foodstuffs. There is nothing remotely toxic. Nonetheless the disclaimer at the bottom of the Trials page applies. The chief risk is of an allergic reaction to the Melissa.

It might be mentioned that the vast majority of "Melissa" products are not Melissa officinalis at all. The yield from Melissa officinalis leaves is extremely low so its concentrate is expensive. Even some high-priced "Melissa" products are actually a blend of other herbal oils. "Melissa" seems to have become the generic name for everyone's favourite herbal oil mixture.

HF2C combines the known benefits of Melissa officinalis with the results of original research into skin penetration techniques. It is unclear at this stage whether it is most effective against HSV-1 (generally, upper body infections, of which cold sores are typical) or HSV-2 (generally, lower body infections).

A small number of participants have made comments which suggested that HF2C had achieved a longer-term effect, e.g. "Any outbreaks I've had have been less severe and I'm getting fewer at the moment too" and "I cannot believe I have gone so long without an outbreak." While there is a theoretical basis for such effects, there is certainly not enough evidence to make any claim in this regard.

A few participants reported that HF2C had little or no effect: nothing works for everyone. For the remainder, based on their comments, a 50% average reduction in outbreak duration using HF2C is a reasonable claim. This compares to about 15% for topical aciclovir (Zovirax, Virasorb etc.). When the preparation is applied early, complete suppression of an outbreak can be achieved.

3 November 2019, trial: HF2C
3 November 2019, use: Using as required, now
3 November 2019, severity: Severity-6
3 November 2019, tolerance: No irritation
3 November 2019, summary: Better than anything
3 November 2019, chemistry: WANT MORE
3 November 2019, relief: A lot
3 November 2019, extra: I have had a continual outbreak, one side after another for four weeks. The sores are on different sites from previous outbreaks and the sores are larger than previously experienced. I had two identical sores on the middle of my lower lip so decided to treat one and not the other so that I could judge how the Target preparation treated area differed from the non-treated area. The treated area is healing faster and the scab is significantly smaller than the untreated one. Lysine tablet ineffective.

I have enclosed a photo showing the two sores, taken on day 8 of the outbreak. You can see the difference between the treated and untreated one.