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Dosage Regimens

The most up-to-date information.

Preparation Outbreak Prophylaxis

HF2C 1-4x/day 2-4x/week
HA1 As required* 1x/day
HB2/HB2A 1-3x/day† 2-3x/week
HB3A 1x/day† 2-3x/week
HB4A 1-2x/day† 1-3x/week

* HA1 is supposed to relieve pain and similar viral symptoms within a couple of hours and can be reapplied if symptoms return.

† The HB series is designed primarily for longer-term suppression. HB2A may cause itching the first few times it is used. HB3A and HB4A can cause flaking of the skin if applied too heavily or too often.

DOSAGE AMOUNT: The typical dosage is 10mg per square inch, 10mg/2.5cm². For comparison, a drop of water from a small pipette is about 33mg. Unless a large area is being covered, excess liquid needs to be wiped off the brush in the neck of the bottle. This is true for almost all the preparations. The only one which may be spread more liberally is HA1.

The Preparations

Target preparations use a variety of ingredients, many of which have antiviral properties. Typically 25% of the preparation is antiviral. All except HA1 should be applied very sparingly.

These formulations are supposed to be in increasing potency, i.e. effectiveness. Whether this is the case is what the trials are seeking to establish. Some very advanced chemistry techniques are used to achieve skin penetration. One thing to note: Target preparations are antiviral, and are likely to impede healing of broken skin. Once a sore has started to heal, paint around the wound.

  • HF2, the original formulation, "Hopefully Final"(!)
  • HF2A, not issued, abandoned
  • HF2B, inferior permeation, few issued, abandoned
  • HF2C, simpler formulation sequence, should be the same or better than the first HF2
  • HB1, unstable formulation, abandoned
  • HB2, more stable version of HB1
  • HB2A, subtle refinement of HB2
  • HB3, skin dryness etc. reported by some participants
  • HB3A, slightly milder version of HB3 to reduce side-effects
  • HA1, according to a report several decades ago, this preparation will be safe and effective. Particularly suitable for intimate areas and children
  • HB4, development started November 2017. Similar to HB3 but includes a natural oil which is kinder to skin. The most complex formulation to date
  • HB4A, considerably milder version of HB4.